I went to the scene of a murder today. I knew the people who died there, they feature in my exhibition. The news says he murdered his wife and his baby. Those poor people. I had a feeling something wasn’t right with him. I never imagined how bad.

Looking at him again, there’s something going on beneath these expressions.

The detective in charge tried to brush me aside. ‘Another day in paradise’ he glibly called it but he didn’t look so sure. Like he knew more than he was letting on.

If this is paradise then there’s lots of snakes lose in the garden.

Look closely. Something’s happening to us. Something raw. Something is loose among us. Something sinister. Something unimaginable.  Something we’re not ready to understand.

You can feel it, too, can’t you? Maybe you don’t want to admit it, but just take a look around. At the people next to you on the corner. The ones driving by in their cars. You’ll see it. Leering in a mirror’s reflection. Grinning at us. In the shadows of doorways and alleys. Just waiting its chance to cause chaos and violence.





Residue, Somethingishappeningtous, Something, is happening to us, Murder Scene Another Day in Paradise, Mathis, Photography, Netflix, LWH Entertainment, Blog, Jen Preston Residue, Something is Happening to us, Murder Scene, Mathis, Photography, Netflix, LWH Entertainment, Blog, Jen PrestonResidue, Something is happening to us, Murder Scene, Family,  Photography, Netflix, LWH Entertainment, Blog, Jen Preston

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