You should have seen her face. The way she looked at me. I’ve seen that look before.

I know that something happened to her in that club. I had to going back there.

In her dressing room amid the Various S&M props scattered about, and trash all over the floor.


Candid windows into previous parties here.

Performers. Guests. Men, women. A variety of weird behaviors.

Then; faces scratched out or defaced. And among them… POST-IT NOTES. A litany of scrawled, cryptic, desperate musings.

And then if that weren’t enough I saw it in the reflection. On the wall behind me.


The weirdest thing; as I moved toward it The STAIN seemed to almost… breathe!

I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it myself. Am I the only one seeing these things? Have you seen it too?




Residue, The Stain, Something is happening to us, Stain, Netflix, LWH Entertainment, Jen Preston, Photography Residue, The stain, Geisha, Something is happening to us, netflix,LWH Entertainment, Jen Preston, Photography, Blog Residue, The Stain, Something is happening to us, Stain, Jen Preston, LWH Entertainment, Netflix, PhotographyResidue, The stain, Something is happening to us, Netflix, Jen Preston,Blog, Photography

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