The government keeps telling us the city is safe, that no contamination has spread from the Quarantine Zone.

I was there this evening and photographed birds as they flew around the perimeter wall, like it extended invisibly up into space. The birds never fly over it.  The military couldn’t care less about the birds but it makes you wonder. They definitely didn’t like me taking photos though but it’s not against the law. Not yet.

I believe that as long as we don’t know what really happened, or who was responsible, this tragedy will continue to haunt us, infecting us with even more anxiety and fear, provoking even more anger and malevolence, staining the fabric of our community with dark suspicions and cynical attitudes.

Why is no one asking; who benefits? Who comes out ahead? Who profits from the suffering? The chattering classes won’t ask. They prefer the ostrich alternative? But that just makes them complicit.





Residue,Somethingishappeningtous,Quarantine Zone, It makes you wonder, Netlfix, Photography, Lwh Entertainment, Blog, Jen PrestonResidue, Somethingishappeningtous, Quarantine Zone, It  makes you wonder, Netflix, Photography, LWH Entertainment, Blog, Jen Preston

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