I nearly killed someone last night.

Am I becoming just like the people in my photographs?

I have to show you what I’ve seen. What I know is happening.

Something bad is on the loose. Something unimaginable. And it leaves behind RESIDUE.

It’s the lingering psychic aftershock of the New Year’s Eve Catastrophe.

The ashes of our shattered self assurance.

The latent image of our own indifference and fear.

The lingering echo of lives changed forever.

Reminding us that nothing is what we thought it was.

But most importantly this residue is the stain left behind, the physical evidence that… monsters are among us.

It’s all here. On my website. In my photos. Look closely. Don’t turn away. You’ll see it.


29 thoughts on “RESIDUE

    1. I saw something too tonight.
      A kind of face shaped smoke.
      It flew a couple of seconds just behind my friends’ head as I was talking to her, then just faded away.

      You’re not crazy !
      And that scares me…

  1. Seriously? Chris? Come on, spellcheck!

    Anyways, you are mistaken. Objects are not haunted, people are. Those things seek our destruction, and have since we all started populating this planet.

  2. The cinematography is excellent. The lighting and color grading gripped me immediately. Where can I buy “HEAD FULL OF LIES” It’s not on Amazon?

  3. Evidence pointing toward bomb being planted at behest of MOD in order to create QZ with chemical weapons cover story as exclusion zone for their own investigations and study of the shadow/residue phenomenon.

    That would mean shadow/residue came FIRST. If so…
    1) what is it if not the result of chemical weapons?
    2) why did it appear there and when?
    3) why the MOD? Are they fulfilling their role to protect or are they seeing to weaponize the phenomenon?

    The questions mount.

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